Almost everyone reading this might be aware that if the global temperature increases by a margin of 2 degrees, the process of climate change becomes irreversible and we just have to watch the world burn (literally) in front of our eyes. It’s an understatement to say we’re rapidly running out of time, resources, and tolerance to remedy this situation. Besides the ecologic problem of this develpment, we also face severe economic and social problems. How often do we really make an effort to be conscious about the world we leave for future generations? How many people feel burnt out every day because their physical and psychic living conditions are not what we all with they were? Most of the time we hear about climate change, economic and social crisis and sustainability in the context of international news and actions with large scale impact. It doesn’t have to be that way, and we don’t have to wait for our governments to take action.

Houstainable – Networking For Sustainability

Houstainable is an innovation challenge that aims to develop new concepts and solutions for smart and sustainable living spaces in cities for the near future by connecting people with a similar mindset. Very rarely do we come across a true win-win situation without collateral damage. This is one such opportunity where the damage is already done but rest assured whatever we do now can only help, and we’re definitely counting on you.

How does Houstainable work?

We ensure non-discriminatory evaluation of ideas. Houstainable is really open to everyone! Just fill in the submission form for round 1 provided on our website. You will automatically get access to Houstainable Forum, where you can meet like-minded people from all over the world!

Together with the community, you will then go through the process of further developing your ideas.

This is the initial round to enter Houstainable and to present your ideas on sustainable and smart living spaces. Therefore, just fill in the provided form on our website. Besides your personal data this form includes guiding questions about your ideas. These questions are based on the first steps of a design thinking process: empathise, define and ideate. Successful registration opens the door to the next challenge phases.

This phase aims to give you the opportunity to connect with other participants to start collaborating and developing your ideas further. Therefore, you everyone will be able to see all the submitted ideas. Check them out, get in touch with the people behind and start collaborating! If you could not find a matching idea or you do not want to share your ideas, no worries. You can still work further on your idea during the next round on your own. However, we really encourage you to use this unique possibility to meet like-minded people!

During the second round you will again answer guiding questions on the further developed idea. The idea you submit here does not necessarily have to be the same as in round 1 – we hope you had an inspiring networking phase and were able to combine different ideas!

The ideas will then be evaluated first in a public poll to show the world what we came up with. The most favoured ideas will then be passed to a jury for a final decision. The winner will be announced in a summarizing webinar.

Challenge Progress

What do I have to do?

Houstainable Challenge has already started. Unfortunately you are no longer able to register. Nevertheless, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and to visit our website on a regular basis to learn about all the amazing ideas our participants have come up with!

What’s in it for the participants?

Houstainable is more than a simple challenge to create concepts and choose a winner. It is a platform to connect like-minded people! We offer this challenge as an initial opportunity to engage with the future and to connect people with similar hopes and dreams far beyond the challenge time frame.

Houstainable will be a unique experience for you! You will be part of a community that wants to shape the future and make the world a better place. This gives you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded people from all over the world and enhance your personal horizon.


Additionally, you will receive a certificate of participation – and your idea will be seen by many people!

What kind of ideas is Houstainable looking for?

Houstainable combines the terms “house” and “sustainable” – and this is what we are looking for!

Ideas you come up with for the Houstainable challenge are supposed to address one or several problems with the current housing and living conditions. The sustainable aspect can be interpreted freely! Remember there are three pillars to sustainability: economy, ecology and society. We are oriented on shaping an innovative future and technology opens new doors for that – so please do also include some “smart” aspects in your ideas and solutions.

Any further questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us at info@houstainable.de – we will help you clear up any confusion!

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Need some inspiration? 


Have you always wanted to visit Copenhagen, Stockholm or Singapore?Before you book a plane ticket, make sure you’re making most of exactly where you are first.

Today, more so than ever, we have the opportunity to network, think about what the city is and what it should be for the future. We are international students in Houstainable creating a challenge to translate your ideas into value creation through a sustainable city. It is also a chance to connect with other people from all over the world, share your ideas, think of people within the buildings and those surrounding them to come up with new concepts and innovative solutions for smart and sustainable living spaces in future cities.

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