Houstainable consists of two words HOUSE and SUSTAINABLE. It means that future housing should always be connected with the concept of sustainability. Therefore we created this portmanteau for our challenge.

An innovation challenge is an event that attracts forward-thinking people and invites them to generate ideas. In Houstainable we invite you to share your innovative and smart ideas to make living spaces more sustainable.

Go to our website and download the file with our questions about your idea. Once completed, fill-out the form, answer ALL questions and upload the file as a pdf. Submit your idea between December 16th, 2020 12:00pm and January 3rd, 2021 11:55pm.
Note: In Round 1 you will have to fill in the “registration and Submission” form while uploading the idea.

Unfortunately no, but there are great tools to help you with the translation (e.g. DeepL.com). Furthermore, the idea will not be evaluated regarding the degree of English skills, but for the spirit of innovation it represents.

For round 1: You can submit your idea from December 16th, 2020 at 12:00am until  January 3rd, 2021 at 11:55pm.

For round 2: You need to have submitted your final concepts until January 03rd 2021 11:55 pm. If you are finished beforehand, you can always send it to us earlier as well.

Sorry, contest deadlines are final. We need to keep the challenge phases moving and we want to keep things fair to everyone.

Participation is open to everyone and Houstainable encourages a pool of diverse applicants while ensuring non-discriminatory evaluation of ideas.

No. There is also the option of taking part in the challenge as a team from the very beginning.

Yes. You can submit multiple ideas to the challenge in the first round by including all of them in your submitted document. However, in round 2 only one idea per person or team will be considered when winners are selected.

Your idea will be reviewed considering the degree of innovation, usefulness, and impact. Houstainable encourages a pool of diverse applicants and ensures the non-discriminatory evaluation of ideas!

Houstainable will check that all submissions have applied by the guidelines and answered the set of questions in the downloadable Word document. All eligible ideas will continue to round 2.

After the end of Round 2 a public poll will decide upon the top 3 concepts. Then, a jury will review the highest scoring ideas and decide on the winner.

Approximately 2 weeks. The evaluation process will start on January 04th with a public poll. The poll ends on January 06th. After that the Top 3 concepts with the most votes are going to be evaluated by our jury between January 07th and January 14th. The final jury decision will be published by January 14th 2021.

Every idea is different and varies in complexity, therefore it is necessary to be thorough and clearly explain your answer to every question.

However, the only entry requirement is to answer all the questions in the registration form and to draw a clear connection towards the topic of sustainable housing through your smart idea.

To participate you have to elaborate on the concept of your idea by answering the questions in our downloadable document. No prototype is necessary, however you are welcome to include a virtual prototype as add-on for visualization purposes. Not including a prototype, however will not lead to a deduction of points.

Round 1 is the initial contest phase and round 2 the final phase. As the number of rounds increases your degree of elaboration will increase. To enter the contest in round 1 you just have to answer the guiding questions about your idea. In round two your submission will be more advanced. We will provide you a form for you to fill out in both cases.

The file you submit with your idea will not be published. However, in the forum, a brief description of your idea, first name and avatar photo will be published with other participants to enhance the networking experience.

The final concepts will be published for the polling process and the winner and his idea will be featured in the website for six months.

If you wish for a publication on our channels after the end of round 2, this option will be open to you.

By successfully submitting your idea and entering our forum, you are already part of a selected group of like-minded thinkers who believe in progress and want to impact the future. In addition to this unique networking opportunity, you will be granted a certificate of participation and the winning idea will get a special certification and will be featured on our website for six months. The other submissions will be published on our channels as well. Lastly, there will be the opportunity to take part in a webinar to receive life feedback on the winning idea from and with our team.

Through the Houstainable forum, you will be able to communicate with other participants and exchange contacts. The forum serves as the initial platform where you can get to know other like-minded innovators. However you are entirely free in choosing the communication tools you use for your individual collaborations.

It’s not mandatory but we highly recommend it to you as Houstainable is the ideal opportunity to get connected with like-minded people and we would love to see you collaborating.

As a registered user any person has access to the main forum, and can interact with the others.

The webinar will take place on Feb 14th 2021. We will remind you of the date on our website and other social media channels.

Each participant can rest assured about the transparency of the whole process and will be credited accordingly as their ideas are published on our website. Your ideas will not be sold or used for business purposes by us in any form.

The upload of your idea’s summary solely serves the openness of the networking phase, yet the intellectual property rights remain yours.

If you still have questions that are not answered here, you can contact our communications team. They will help you clear up any confusion. You can reach them under: info@houstainable.de